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Development application lodged for Coochin Fields on the Sunshine Coast

The Comiskey Group lodged a development application for their 150-hectare festival and event site at Coochin Creek on the Sunshine Coast. Approximately the size of 22 football fields, the outdoor site could be transformed into a world-class music and event venue, able to hold “Coachella-style” events and lifestyle exhibitions, such as camping and caravanning shows.

The Comiskey Group share a first look at the renders for the $35m Coochin Fields development. The proposed site would be one of Australia’s largest, able to host some of the world’s biggest talent.

Render of the Coochin Fields festival site.
Photograph of the 150-hectare property at Coochin Creek.

The proposed Coochin Fields development will look more like a natural parkland than a festival site when not activated. The majority of infrastructure will be temporary and the site build will depend on the event and their requirements. The site can accommodate single-stage concerts, multi-stage festivals and various other types of events outside of music.

Design concept of the festival layout during event mode, includes parking, stages and art installations.
Artist concept of the site in “non-event mode”.

Director Rob Comiskey is excited to share the renders for the project.

“The proposed festival site was designed to create atmosphere and bring vibrancy to the expansive grass space. For major festivals, you can expect unique art installations and activations to enhance the experience had at Coochin Fields. We have consulted with both local residents and environmental groups, taking into account environmental impact. When not activated, the outdoor space will look like a nature reserve; only coming alive for a few festivals and events a year. If approved, Coochin Fields will be a landmark entertainment destination and a game-changer for the Sunshine Coast” says Rob.

Director Rob Comiskey and team met on-site with local residents at Coochin Fields to discuss the application.

Coochin Fields will not only be an exciting fixture on the coast but a major contributor to economic growth. An economic benefit report done for the Coochin Fields development approximated $60m in expenditure to the Sunshine Coast region per year as a direct result of the site, as well as 180,000 additional overnight visitations per year. Coochin Fields is also estimated to bring 550 full-time equivalent jobs to the region, on-site and off-site.

For more information or to request an interview with a Director, please email:

Group Marketing Manager, Toni Forrest

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