Director Paul Comiskey turns 80!

On Friday 27th October, Paul Comiskey celebrated his 80th birthday at Eatons Hill Hotel’s accommodation building, surrounded by family and friends from decades back. Anyone who knows Paul, know he’s Squealing Pig’s number one fan! With a full glass of their Sauvignon Blanc in hand all night, Paul enjoyed a memorable night filled with good food, drinks and company.

Paul Comiskey and his construction themed birthday cake!

During speeches, Director Rob Comiskey surprised his dad with a special edition XXXX Gold bottle, custom made with Paul’s face and a birthday message. Lion gifted the custom XXXX bottles for the party, and Paul’s reaction says it all.

Rob Comiskey making a speech at his dads 80th.

“Thank you everyone for coming. Obviously tonight is a big night, dads 80th. Dad has many generations of friends here tonight and it’s good to see people we haven’t seen in years and some people we haven’t see in days. We’ve got a bit of a special drink that dad doesn’t know about, if we can get that brought out. The team are going to start passing it out now, take a look at the label dad! From our friends at XXXX” says Rob.

Rob Comiskey also thanked Squealing Pig for gifting Paul’s favourite drop for the party.

“If anyone knows dad, you know he’s the number one consumer of Squealing Pig in the world. Third year in a row ranking. We’re pretty proud of that. They’ve brought in some magnums for us all to enjoy tonight, great to see them supporting Paul. Thank you very much Squealing Pig!” says Rob.

With his wife, sons, daughters-in-law and grand children by his side, Paul cut his birthday cake with the surprise of sparklers to mark the occasion.

The festivities included; flames, sparklers, Comiskey Distillery cocktails, a decadent gourmet platter, hand sliced meats and walk & fork menu offering.

David Comiskey made a moving speech on the night, thanking his dad for their great relationship.

“I’d just like to say dad was a great dad to me and Rob, we are very lucky. I have many fond memories of the old man, we used to go to Agnes Waters and Seventeen Seventy frequently. Dad used to take me to all my sporting events, he has always spent so much time with us. Still today we spend a lot of time together, probably more business than fun these days. But me and the old man went fishing last week and I out-fished him again. I just want to thank dad for everything he has done for me and Rob over the last 51 years. Dad, I appreciate everything you’ve done for us, we love you lots and hope you have a good night” said David.

David Comiskey during his speech.

Paul Comiskey thanked all his guests for their attendance and reminisced on his past with some of the familiar faces in the room.

“Thank you very much. Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to Eatons Hill Hotel. I can’t believe I am 80 years old, can’t believe that I made it! I’ve really knocked my body around for 80 years. My mother died at 93 and my father 91 so I’ve got a bit to go. I’d like to say, I have some friends here from way back, friends from the stamp duties office when I was a public servant for 16 years. I was a cashier with Bernie and we have about 8-10 good friends from there, here tonight. After that I went into squash courts in Strathpine, and I have a lot of friends from then here tonight, but they’re all dirty on me because I knocked the courts down! Then I got into building and I have a lot of my friends from the building industry here too. Thank you all for coming” said Paul.

Paul brought up his some old friends on stage with him.

“Together with my boys and the hundreds of people we have employed, over the last few years we’ve been really going well in business. My grandkids here are coming up and they’re going to take over from Erica and I. Look at the little girl down here (Cybella), beautiful little kid, there’s nothing like my grandkids” said Paul.

Cybella taking the limelight during Paul’s speech.
David and his wife Cait, with their three boys and grandfather Paul.
Rob and his wife Carla, with their four children.

Paul reminisced on good memories with his favourite people, going through the many framed photos and slideshow on display.

Guests were able to see some of the family’s cutest and most hilarious throwbacks.

Paul, David and Rob Comiskey.
David, Erica, Rob and Paul Comiskey.
Teenage David and Rob, with parents Erica and Paul Comiskey.
David, Paul and Rob Comiskey.

The functions team at Eatons Hill Hotel rolled out the red carpet for their guest of honour, Paul Comiskey on his big 80th birthday event.

The functions team, Clare, Daniella and Carol with Paul Comiskey.

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