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By completing the outlined rules to enter the Comiskey Group giveaway, listed on Instagram username @comiskeygroup and associated businesses across multiple platforms, between Monday 5th June 2023 – Monday 12th June 2023, you have read, understand and agree to the following:

  • This giveaway is not endorsed or associated with Facebook, Instagram or any Meta platforms.
  • This giveaway has been arranged by the Comiskey Group (ABN: 20 115 254 307) also referred to as Comiskey Management Services PTY LTD.
  • This giveaway is in conjunction with associated Comiskey Group businesses including; Sandstone Point Holiday Resort, Sandstone Point Hotel, Samford Hotel, Eatons Hill Hotel, Oyster Shed Beach Club, Comiskey Distillery and The Doonan.
  • This giveaway has been independently organised by the Comiskey Group and is not associated with any concert promoter, external business or partner, including BIG4 Holiday Parks.
  • In order to be in the draw, you must complete all entry requirements as outlined within the giveaway.
  • You must be over the age of 18 to enter. Should the randomly selected winner be under the age of 18, the prize will be revoked and a redraw will occur.
  • The prize is as outlined within the giveaway, the Comiskey Group are not responsible for any costs associated with redeeming this prize, this includes but is not limited to travel costs.
  • The winner will be selected at random. The Comiskey Group obtain the right to select winner in any way they see fit, once the winner is verified to have met all requirements, the decision is final and prize is non-transferable.
  • The prize must be redeemed within the year of 2023. If not redeemed during this time period, the prize becomes invalid on 01/01/24.
  • No prize can be redeemed for cash. There is only one grand prize which is made up of multiple prizes, all to be awarded to one winner. Some prizes include the right to bring a guest/s of your choosing.
  • Accommodation prizes include a 2 Night Stay at Sandstone Point Holiday Resort and a 2 Night Stay at Eatons Hill Hotel. You must redeem the accommodation prize within the year of 2023. The redemption dates are subject to availability. The accommodation prize cannot be redeemed on events weekends at corresponding entertainment venues or within school holidays. Should you already have booked and paid for accommodation at either of these properties, the accommodation prize cannot be used to get a refund on this booking.
  • The x2 concert tickets as listed for any chosen concert at Eatons Hill Hotel and Sandstone Point Hotel must be redeemed in the year of 2023. These tickets can only be used by the prize winner and their selected guest. The x2 tickets are for one concert only, of your choice at each venue in 2023.
  • All prizes as listed must be redeemed before 01/01/24.
  • The Comiskey Group take no responsibility for any property lost or injury during any of these undertaken experiences.
  • Should the giveaway be fraudulently replicated by anyone, or the Comiskey Group be falsely impersonated online, the Comiskey Group take no responsibility for any loss or mistaken identity. There are ways to verify the official giveaway and identify fake replicas, read more at the bottom of this page.


  1. Follow all accounts @comiskeygroup are following on Instagram
  2. Share giveaway post to your story and tag @comiskeygroup

WINNER ANNOUNCED AT 4PM MONDAY 12TH JUNE via post on @comiskeygroup Instagram.

A link to the official Instagram can be found HERE


  • 2 Night Stay in a Studio Villa at Sandstone Point Holiday Resort
  • $100 Venue Voucher for use at The Doonan
  • x2 VIP Waterview Tickets to any concert at Sandstone Point Hotel in 2023
  • $50 Voucher and x2 Coconut Cocktails at the Oyster Shed Beach Club
  • X2 Tickets to a Gin Workshop at Comiskey Distillery
  • x2 GA Tickets to any concert at Eatons Hill Hotel in 2023
  • $100 Venue Voucher for use at Samford Hotel
  • 2 Night Stay in a Corner Suite at Eatons Hill Hotel


*Please note there are many scammers on social media and many take advantage particularly during giveaways. Most importantly, we will never ask you for money to enter a giveaway.

  • The official giveaway will be during the dates, Monday 5th June – Monday 12th June 2023.
  • The winner will be announced via a post and story on Instagram account @comiskeygroup only, on Monday 12th June 2023 at 4pm. The winner may be contacted via a direct Instagram message if the winner doesn’t get in touch first. The direct message will only come from Instagram account @comiskeygroup after the winner is announced. Communication will not come from any variation of @comiskeygroup including any variation of the name with punctuation or additional letters (@comiskeygroup_ or @comiskeygroupp)
  • Scammers have been known to take the real giveaway promotional artwork. Even if their giveaway art looks the same as the official art on @comiskeygroup, this doesn’t mean it is legitimate, it is a fraudulent replica.
  • Scammers have been know to post in the comment section on the real giveaway post, replying to people’s tags saying they have won etc. Stay vigilant, if it is not @comiskeygroup and winner is not announced as outlined above, it is illegitimate. We will try block fake accounts when they are identified as quickly as possible.
  • The official giveaway will be cross-promoted on associated businesses including Instagram accounts:

– @sandstonepointholidayresort
– @eatonshillhotel
– @comiskeydistillery_
– @sandstonepoint
– @thedoonan
– @samfordhotel

Any variations of these usernames on Instagram are fake.

How do I identify a fake account?

  • If it’s newly created, has a low following and no old posts, it could be fake.
  • If the account asks you to transfer money, it is not the Comiskey Group.
  • If the account claims to be a “back up account” it could be fake, there is definitely no backup account for the Comiskey Group.
  • If the account asks you to click on a link to claim the Comiskey Group prize, it is fake.
  • If the account claims to be a “representative” of our real account @comiskeygroup or business, it is fake. No staff member, representative or ambassador will be in touch over Instagram, only the employee running account @comiskeygroup will be in touch through the username @comiskeygroup only.
  • If the account identifies as the “official giveaway account” it is fake. The giveaway will only be present on @comiskeygroup and official business pages listed above, there will be no account created for the sole purpose of this giveaway.
  • If in doubt, the businesses within the Comiskey Group portfolio often have links from their website to their social media channels. You can verify one of our businesses this way.

*Please note there are many scammers on social media and many take advantage during giveaways in particular. We will never ask you for money to enter a giveaway.

Simply head to our official page and follow the giveaway post prompts to enter.